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WORKSHOP Malmö | Tala, tolka och argumentera | engelska

27 maj 2023 | 14:00 17:00

Philosophical workshop on interpretation and argumentation and how we manage our speech

Descriptive, normative, aesthetic, performative … these are some of the dimensions of the speech. Our speech always has a purpose, whether the speaker is conscious of it or not. Our dialogues are embedded in those dimensions and we all have a tendency to use one function or another of the speech more than the rest. Sometimes these functions or dimensions  overlap, but normally we can identify a primary one.

This workshop will start from an aphorism rooted in the culture of the rising sun, which we will interpret. This is followed by a work on a short story where we will try and find its main concept. During the workshop we will thematise our own speech, we will slow down and discern the reasons that trigger our verbal behaviour and its features. The participants will be prompted to recognise their own communicative tendencies and analyse the tendencies of others.

Luca Zanoli is a philosopher and martial artist from Italy. Both philosophy and budo aim to forge the human being and have many features in common. For the last 15 years, Luca has been investigating these two practices besides running philosophical workshops. He collaborates with the French organisation Institut de Pratiques Philosophiques (IPP) on international activities and spreads this specific approach to philosophy in Italy through the organisation Istituto di Pratiche Filosofiche (IstPraFilo).

Mathias Tistelgren is a teacher and philosophical practitioner from Sweden. He holds degrees in both philosophy and literature and likes to use texts as tools for philosophical discussions. He trains philosophical practitioners, runs philosophical workshops and offers philosophical consultations. Mathias works with the French organisation IPP and is a member of Svenska Sällskapet för Filosofisk Praxis (SSFP).

The workshop is arranged in collaboration with Svenska Sällskapet för Filosofisk Praxis
NÄR Lördag 27 maj
TID: 14-17
VAR: ABF Huset, Spånehusvägen 47, 21158 Malmö
PRIS: 100:-, gratis för medlemmar i SSFP



Spånehusvägen 47
Malmö, 211 58
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